Burtz Engine

Motoren Revisie Meijerink has been active as an engine rebuilding company since 1960. At the end of the 1970’s we started working on rebuilding old-timer engines. The Ford model A T and flathead V8 instantly became a spearhead in the program.

A new addition to the program is the building and selling of the so called “Burtz Engine”. The Burtz Engine is named after its developer, Terry Burtz.

The Burtz Model A Engine Kit is a newly engineered and manufactured kit of parts designed to replace the frail original Ford Model A engine components that will break if driven hard.


  • 5 Main Bearing Crankshaft Construction
  • Oil Pressure System
  • New Casted Blocks
  • Identical in appearance to the original Model A
  • Better strength and durability

The new Block, Crackshaft and Connecting Rods are re-engineered for strength and durability and manufactured in a modern factory that supplies OEM engine parts to many manufacturers. The kit’s external appearance once installed, is identical in appearance to the original Model A Engine. All new machined interfaces for attaching parts are a match to original interfaces.

The 5 Main journal crankshaft is fully balanced and utilizes standard insert bearings (Federal Mogul 2020 CP) that are available at all major automative parts suppliers. The fillets are rolled and all wearing surfaces are hardened. The forged connecting rods also use the same standard insert bearings.

The block comes ready for assembly with no machining required. All parts needed to assemble an engine other than the Crankshaft and Connecting Rods are standard Model A engine parts, or they may be purchased from an auto parts store.

The engines are supplied as a building-kit which we can build for you or you can build yourself.

The build-kits contain the following:

  • Engine Block with main bearing
  • Built-in camshaft bearings
  • Crankshaft
  • Set of hardened connecting rods
  • Built in valve guides and hardened exhaust seats
  • Axial Bearings
  • Crankshaft Key

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